From me, to me.

One might argue there are more important things in life than shoes. And I believe the past couple of months have taught us exactly that. Life isn’t about what we own, how much we have and we ain’t gonna take it with us anyway. Still, some purchases are more than a materialistic act. And they feel good. And we shall not feel bad if we do.

I wasn’t looking for anything in particular when I came across these beauties. But yet I knew they’d fit my purpose from the minute I laid eyes on them. The purpose being: I have a new job. I’ve worked incredibly hard to get there. Not months. But more than a year. And I just didn’t want this milestone to go by unnoticed and uncelebrated. I felt I needed something that said “Well done”, more than a glass of bubbly wine and an expensive dinner (which wasn’t gonna happen at that moment in time anyway).  In a way, I wanted something materialistic. Something I wouldn’t normally buy or own. Something unreasonable, much more for fun than any functional benefit, for the pure joy of having and wearing it. And although we had bought and purchased so many things in the course of moving into our new home recently, nothing was quite connected to that particular occasion than this pair of designer shoes. 

The aspect of “from me, to me”, is so important because it reflects my learning curve over the past year. It signals self-sufficiency, self-love, self-respect. Of not losing yourself in the quest for a promotion or the “next level” position. Of not thinking less of yourself for not succeeding in an interview process. For not getting what you wanted. For failing. 

I want to keep reminding myself of what I have achieved. Earned. I want to be proud, and I want to be able to voice that. I remember my first designer handbag and every single time I see it I remember exactly the milestone it is connected to. This is how special a purchase can be. Not for the sake of having the money, or being able to afford it. But for the sake of celebrating a special moment in time. And remembering it for years to come.

Here’s to a new milestone. To a new sense of freedom. To having achieved something I feel proud of. And to being able to put myself first every once in a while. From me, to me.

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